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See preventive health services covered by health insurance plans on Marketplace

published to February 25, 2021

Marketplace plans are a set of

— like immunizations and screening tests — are free.

What are preventive health services?

  • Preventive services are routine health care procedures such as screening, testing, and counseling to prevent illness, disease, and other health problems.
  • These free services can help you catch the disease early, when treatment is likely to be most effective.
  • Get a specific list of preventive services adult, WomanWhen child.

Where should I go for care prevention?

  • Preventive services are free that’s all When you obtained them from a doctor or other provider within the Plan’s network. (Networks are facilities, providers, and suppliers contracted by health insurance companies to provide medical services.)
  • Contact your insurance company to see which providers are “in network”.

Learn more about Prevention and health services for the whole household.

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