Seasonal affective disorder is not limited to winter (released in 2021)

An additional challenge for people experiencing disabilities is the social pressure to feel summer when the sun is shining. Blessing Dada, 21, a student at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, says people are accustomed to mental health issues during the winter. MS. Dada experienced the deep sorrow that comes every summer and the insomnia and migraines that are exacerbated by the fever.

People are telling her, “It’s summer. I need to smile a little more and be happier,” she said. “Such comments are just useless.”

Several researchers using annual depression data question the idea that seasonal affective disorder is entirely present. In 2016, researchers at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, said: report The major depression was not associated with seasonal patterns.

Dr. Rohan went Similar studies In 2009, we evaluated a survey of about 2,000 children and adolescents, but found no seasonal patterns in their mood. That doesn’t mean there is no SAD, but she said it’s hard to find a much smaller seasonal stream in the modern recessionary waters.

Those studying these seasonal trends are concerned that summer SAD, and general mental health challenges, will increase with climate change. A 2018 study The journal NatureClimateChange found that as monthly average temperatures rise in the United States and Mexico, both suicide rates and social media posts using linguistic signaling calm down. The study estimates that temperatures will rise by 2.5 degrees Celsius in the United States and 2.1 degrees Celsius in Mexico, and as many as 21,000 additional people in these countries could die from suicide by 2050. It suggests that.

Possible another season’s challenge Escape due to climate change — And according to your mood — said it was pollen Teodor Postolache, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine.He said an immune response to pollen-like allergens could create a cascade of changes in the body, including the release of biological compounds called cytokines that regulate inflammation. Related to depression..

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