Sean Dyke interview: Everton boss talks bleep tests, surveys and ingredients for success ahead of Chelsea trip

Strange as it may seem after the January transfer window, when Everton didn’t sign a single player and Chelsea spent £323m on eight new signings, Sean Daitch and Graham Potter There are clear similarities in the challenges they faced at their respective clubs.

“It looks to me like most of us are trying to shape how we work,” Dyche said. soccer saturday Ahead of his relegation-threatened trip to Stamford Bridge, saturday night football“It’s part of management, shaping a way of working that suits the players and the feel of the club. But mostly you have to win.”

The demand for wins this season may be due to the pursuit of different objectives, but there was pressure on both Daichi and Potter to quickly instill their playing styles and standards into a new group of players.

For Dish, the challenge was having an impact after arriving in place of Frank Lampard mid-season. .

Potter has been enjoying the turnaround he’s finally achieved with Chelsea, with three wins at Spin last week including a morale-boosting run to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Saturday, March 18, 5:00 p.m.

5:30pm kick off

Dish also took a positive step on his part, explaining how he tackled the challenge of turning Everton’s season around and talking about the reactions of his players. Top flight of the season before taking office at the end of January.

“The players are very adaptable,” he said. “They listened and absorbed a lot of what we had to offer. Especially in his first week, 10 days, maybe his two weeks, we really tried to cram a lot A lot of what we thought was important.

“Sometimes people think, ‘That’s part of their profession,’ but you still have to go out and play. It takes in a lot of information and sometimes it’s new to your style and your game. There is also, it is trickier than people, sometimes I think of adding new tactical thinking and different professional standards that we represent.

“As the weeks went by, they got used to what we were doing. Then it was about standards and standards promotion and standards consistency.”

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Watch Free: Highlights from Everton’s match against Brentford in the Premier League.

Some of Daichi’s initiatives upon arriving at the club ranged from bleep tests he had players complete to feedback surveys asking him to open up about what worked and didn’t work well at the club before. Grabbed the headline.

“There are things I’ve done that I’d like to crossover with businesses,” Dyche says. “I want feedback ideas, and I want them to be honest. be able to!

“But it’s not just about what goes wrong. We say what works. A lot of the answers are pretty similar. Share that with the group and work on that. And To change that, we do this, this and this…a little common sense.

“There was a bit of a hoot about the yo-yo test. I’m not trying to draw some sort of hard line, as people suggest. It’s a measure I’ve used many times, so over the years We know where people should be, and your body needs to be at a certain level to meet the requirements the game offers.

“There are three players that I have worked with before, maybe new to some of them. Complete anonymity, I just wanted honest feedback.”

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Everton manager Sean Dyke says he is fully aware of how tough the battle to avoid relegation from the Premier League will be, but what they have achieved since he took over the club He called on the players to continue building on their progress.

By applying what he learned from these sessions, Dyke had a definite impact on Everton’s style of play and results.

But after last weekend’s 1-0 win over Brentford, he was careful not to get distracted by improvement, and despite the result that put Everton up, the team are where he wants them to be. argued that there are still ways to reach Up to 15th place in the table.

Dyke repeated the point again sky sports. “It’s a step. To jump straight there.” [raising his hands], rarely happens. We want to put in the building blocks to get you where you want to be.

“People talk about putting money in clubs. Sometimes it works right away, but a lot of times it doesn’t. Work has to be progressive. But there is a long, long way to go.”

It’s a feeling Potter can relate to after his time at Chelsea. Saturday’s meeting of both sides to try to rebuild and stay on a positive path should provide an interesting checkpoint as to where they are on that journey.

Catch football Saturday from 12pm on Sky Sports News and Chelsea vs. Everton live on Sky Sports Premier League from 5pm. Kick off at 5:30pm.

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