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Scream 6’s terrifying Ghostface Subway scene was nearly cut


Despite being featured prominently in the film’s marketing, Scream 6‘s terrifying Ghostface subway scene was mostly cut during development. The latest chapter in the Slasher franchise has already been a critical and commercial hit, but it’s his third time outside of Woodsboro, this time bringing Ghostface to New York City for the latest installment of the series. murdered. This led to a series of much more intense cat-and-mouse encounters with the killer, including multiple Ghostface mask-wearers of his, including one of him in a crowded subway full of people celebrating Halloween. .

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To celebrate the release of the movie, CBR Catch up with the director and producer of the group Radio Silence and fall apart Scream 6When asked about the challenges of filming the terrifying Ghostface subway scene, co-director Matt Vettinelli Orpin and executive producer Chad Birella said that development was the sheer logistics of putting it together. revealed that it was nearly cut from the film entirely. See what the two shared below.

Bettinelli-Olpin: The challenge of getting it on screen started in pre-production when we knew we didn’t know how to do this in terms of getting a subway car. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Let’s get a subway, modify it, and make it look better.” I then found it off the table. I tried to put a couple in, but it was too heavy and tipped over. It would have cost $1 billion. We had so many conversations about it. 30% of pre-production was like, ‘How are we going to do this subway sequence? And then we were like, ‘Absolutely, under no circumstances.’ Can we get one? How can we build it? It goes a long way to say it was a handshake between the departments and they all exceeded our expectations. I remember the reaction when we walked on set. It’s exactly what you want. It didn’t feel like you were on set. It felt like you were there.

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Scream 6’s subway scene was vital to the film’s success

Ghostface in the subway from the Scream 6 trailer

While previous installments of the franchise may have moved away from Woodsboro, Scream 6 go to new york Realizing the largest scale in the history of horror movie series.Not like a Hollywood set scream 3the latest sequel aptly utilizes the populated setting to heighten the tension of the protagonist, who becomes hunted by Ghostface, and the sheer threat he poses as he mows down bystanders who try to help. was established.

of Scream 6 The subway scene was ultimately one of the most important in evoking this tension in the audience in the film’s new setting.Who the movie trailer might have revealed Ghostface is finally targeted Jasmine Savoy Brown’s Mindy is once again on the receiving end of the new Killer’s Blade. The moment was all the more powerful because it was difficult to do.

Lucky for those who fell in love with the character, Mindy Scream 6 Along with fellow Legacy survivors Sam, Tara, brother Chad, Gail Weathers and Kirby Reed. Nothing from Paramount has been announced yet, but the franchise’s best opening for the new movie is: Scream 7 forward, how many Hopes include the return of Neve CampbellNew York and Hollywood are already soaked in the blood of Ghostface’s victims, so it will be interesting to see where the slasher franchise goes next.

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