Sami Zayn Promoted to Majors at WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn was officially welcomed into The Bloodline by “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. “WWE SmackDown” episode 9/23 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Following the promo segment of The Bloodline’s opening, Zayn asked to speak on the mic, which seemed to upset Reigns, particularly taking issue with Zayn marching as an uninvited member of the stable. It seems to have upset Jey Uso who was holding it.

Zayn initially apologized for cutting the music before thanking Reigns & Co. Because he treated him like his family.

Zayn told The Bloodline, “I know I’m not of the exact lineage, but I wanted to express my gratitude to you guys for accepting me as part of your family recently.” , wanted to publicly recognize the tribal chief.”

In response, Reigns began laughing in disbelief during a loud “Sami” chant at the Vivint Arena.

“I like you, Sami,” Raines said. What do you want?”

Raines wondered why Zayn was walking around in a Bloodline shirt before ordering him to remove his shirt. We have doubled the demand.

“Don’t say it again, take off your shirt now!”

Zayn has since apologized for last week’s “disrespect for Wiseman” and other things he may have done to upset Reigns and The Bloodline. However, Raines and Jay Uso continued to yell at Zain, asking him to remove his shirt.

When Zayn finally took off his shirt, Reigns prepared a surprise for the Honorary Youth.

“You’ll never wear it [shirt] I got another new one,” Reigns previously told Zayn. Throw a shirt that says “SZ: Honorary Uce” to Zayn.

After an overjoyed Zayn put on his new shirt, Reigns asked him if he had anything to say.

Before Zane hugged Reigns, he said, “Yes, I recognize you, Chief.

Raines was initially hesitant to hug Zayn, but eventually gave in.

Even as the rest of the Pedigree celebrated, Jey Uso wasn’t happy in the least, as WWE continued to sow the seeds of a final rift within the stable.

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