Sam Asgari about a “surreal” marriage with Britney Spears

actor Appeared in “Good Morning America” In a segment aired Wednesday to promote his next movie, “Hot Sheet.”

Naturally, the story was directed to their recent marriage.

“My husband hasn’t hit me yet,” Asgari said.

“It was quite late for us,” he said about their wedding. “I imagined this was a fairy tale. It wanted to celebrate with loved ones and close friends. I just wanted to celebrate. That’s what we did.”

Asgari trusted his wife for helping him advance his acting career.

“Like this great platform, I wasn’t really noticed until my wife gave me,” he said. “So I’m always grateful for it, and I’m always very grateful for it.”

“I’m not taking the opportunity. I’m trying to stay positive about everything that’s really happening,” Ashgari added.

The couple met on a set of Spears music videos in 2016 and were engaged and announced in September 2021. I had a miscarriage a few weeks before they got married.

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