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Så ser Nikes senaste Innovation ut

Today, Nikes latest innovations are released in the form of sporty jackets and vests with ultra-performance. Nike Tech Pack HyperfuseThe jacket and vest Somcommer, in two different colors and a classic model that fits your everyday style, is created for active workdays. Uses a highly breathable spring thin material that keeps you cool on hot summer days, gas sand that Gas Sand boasts, and perforated mesh from Tuck Valesin that makes it easy to sweat. Den är även följsam mot kroppen och pasar excellent i en active vardag. Metro Modes fashion editor and stylist Caroline Sandström styles the new Tech Pack package in 6 different ways and 6 different looks in your everyday wardrobe I was entrusted with that. As a result of Spanner I built and inspired myself.

Photographer: Pere Rannefors
Photography Assistant: Matilda Vergren
Hair and makeup: Maja Söderlund

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