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Rutte: Violence against Iran demonstrators must not go unpunished

Mark Rutte said it was “unacceptable that peaceful demonstrators were sentenced to death” in Iran. The Prime Minister tweeted: “The actions of the Iranian regime must not go unpunished. Thousands of demonstrators have been arrested in the country and several have been sentenced to death.

In Iran, people have taken to the streets to demand more freedom since mid-September following the death of Mercer Amini. I was. Since then, despite crackdowns by the Iranian authorities, more and more women are taking to the streets without headscarves.

“The courage shown by Iranian women was unbelievable,” writes Rutte. He pointed to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Iran’s rulers “partly at the instigation of the NL”. The prime minister ended the tweet with the hashtag #MahsaAmini.

The government has often drawn attention to the status of women, violence against demonstrators, and human rights in Iran. Last month, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hekstra called for a “thorough investigation into the illegal use of force” by Iranian authorities, while Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration Eric van der Berg said last weekend with “highest praise”. said that For the women of the Iranian national basketball team who took off their headscarves.

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