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Russian Hackers Target Dutch Gas Terminals: Report

Hackers are conducting an “exploratory investigation” into the systems of the Dutch LNG terminal, trying to find a way to penetrate the systems, said cybersecurity firm Dragos. RTL ZThe hacker group is affiliated with Russia, according to FBI and other investigators.

“We know LNG terminals are targets. It’s just a question of when and how,” Casey Brooks of American cybersecurity firm Dragos told the station. Hacker groups Xenotime and Kamacite have attacked the digital systems of Gasunie’s LNG terminal in Eemshaven, Rotterdam, according to reports. “These are tests to see where a digital attack could impact.”

According to the FBI, Xenotime and Kamacite are linked to the Russian secret service.

Dutch company ElectricIQ has also noticed increased activity on critical infrastructure in Europe and the Netherlands. It makes sense that Russian hackers are now targeting his LNG terminal in the Netherlands, Joep Gommers of ELectricIQ told RTL. “It’s certainly within Russia’s modus operandi and focus at the moment.”

Cybersecurity expert Fox-IT believes that the energy crisis has given rise to a concrete threat of malicious entities targeting companies in the energy sector. “Especially in the LNG supply and distribution supply chain,” the spokesperson said. “It is likely that state-sponsored rogue groups, such as those led by his FSB in Russia and his GRU, have an interest in this area.”

Bart Groothuis, VVD member of the European Parliament, is aware of signs that Russia is targeting gas supplies. “It’s time to take gradual action before things get worse. Gas is Russia’s favorite weapon against the EU. is,” he told the station.

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