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Ruling party wants government to take more action against influx of international students

Education Minister Robert Dijkgraf has not done enough to curb the influx of international students, VVD parliamentarian Hatte van der Ude said. advertisementShe plans to confront him about it during Wednesday’s congressional debate on the education budget.

In June, Dyckgraf withdrew a bill limiting the number of international students. “The minister first wants to think like a thoughtful professor and create a vision for the future. Van der Woude Lack of student dormitories When full auditorium“Dutch students are just losing out to international students”

The number of international students at Dutch universities has increased for 16 years. In the previous academic year he had 80,400 international students studying at Dutch universities, compared to her 12,530 in the 2005-2006 school year. This year, 85,500 international students are registered in the Netherlands. 7.2% growthOver the past few years, the number of international students has increased by 12-15% annually.

Van der Woude worries that slowing growth will detract from the urgency of government action. “Even if the growth plateaus, there is still growth. They can all come in here, we can’t handle that number.”

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