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Rugby players charged with murder, suspected of running Instagram accounts to endorse

Two of the eight former rugby players charged with beating 18-year-old Fernando Baez Sosa to death at Villa Gesell three years ago have run anonymous and supportive Instagram accounts to defend their case. The cell phone was confiscated by prison guards after rumors that he was .

The information was revealed Wednesday (January 25) as closing arguments were underway in a closely watched trial over the brutal killing in Dolores. Investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the accounts are operated by relatives or friends of the accused, but will look to see if Bras Chinari and Enzo Comeri have accessed their Instagram profiles.

The account in question, @rugbiers.zarate, has more than 5,500 followers and has no permanent posts on its Instagram feed, but its representatives have posted 24-hour stories in support of the rugby players.

The Instagram profile reads, “Enough social stigma. No more lies. No more violence. Enough hate.”

The profile asks followers to “pray to God and Our Lady” to protect the accused. They also sought immediate freedom and peace of mind for their families.

The account has since been suspended, but when it was active, it frequently posted religious messages such as “Would you like to organize a prayer chain?” Another post wrote, “May the Virgin Mary and God watch over and protect the boys and their families this week and next.”

In addition to the call to prayer, the profile also published other posts supporting Zarate’s accused sportsman. One post even called for an end to the “social stigma” against people charged with 18-year-old crimes.

“This is a show. It’s really sad to see the level of hatred they have towards children. Was this a tragedy? Yes, but sadly it happens every day. To use it for political purposes.” and read one of the last private messages this account posted on social networks.

Account administrators tell users that they will only answer “respectfully asked questions.” One of the few questions her account actually answered was about her attitude of supporting rugby players.

When one user asked, “I’m curious as to why you’re supporting these kids,” the account responded, “Everything that happened hurts, but they’re not monsters.”

“Children’s strength. From the beginning they are no longer alone. We are with them,” another user added.

As of this writing, there are no new comments from the people behind the @rugbiers.zarate account.

–– TIMES/Perfill

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