Roger Federer prepares for ‘Last Dance’ with Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup

Roger Federer Prepares For ‘Last Dance’ With Rafael Nadal At Laver Cup – Shutterstock

The stage is set and the props are ready for the final performance of the Roger Federer celebration on Friday night. Andy Murray spoke for tennis as a whole when he said he “would be emotional.”

With more than 15,000 fans at the O2 Arena to watch Federer practice on Thursday, this weekend’s Laver Cup has already upgraded from a fringe event to blockbuster status.

Indeed, which of this year’s London-based games will the world be interested in? Wimbledon final or Federer’s doubles farewell.

As expected, Nadal will be Federer’s partner, with the American duo of Francis Tiafoe and Jack Sock forming the opposition. I do,” he joked.

Roger Federer prepares for 'last dance' with Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup - AFP

Roger Federer prepares for ‘last dance’ with Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup – AFP

Even Nadal sounded nervous because of the delicate condition of his pregnant wife Maria Francisca Perello.

“It’s going to be hard to handle everything,” Nadal said, “especially for Roger. One of the players is leaving, right?”

A phrase has resurfaced among the World Teams eager to be cast as villains in the works on Friday. When they realized they were instinctively referring to Federer’s “Last Dance,” they thought Michael Jordan’s run to his NBA Championship in 1998, with the same name left his Netflix documentary hit on

This comparison, like everything else this weekend, is bittersweet. While this accurately reflects Federer’s place among the ultimate sports gods (Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Usain Bolt, etc.), it’s also a major weakness next weekend. It’s getting attention. The inevitable truth that there is no point in playing.

Roger Federer prepares for 'last dance' with Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup - AFP

Roger Federer prepares for ‘last dance’ with Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup – AFP

In an ideal world, Federer would want to fight for his sporting life in major tournaments. Just like at the recent US Open, when Serena his Williams saved his five-match points in a tumultuous finale against Arya his Tomljanovic. Instead, he’s shoving his ruined knee into what’s effectively a doubles exhibition.

Still, at least Federer’s long farewell gave the fifth edition of the Laver Cup the purpose it had so far lacked. And the low-risk environment of the O2 Arena offers the perfect setting for a 41-year-old man whose body has finally broken down. The fact that Federer founded the event himself in 2017 suggests he could add “looking to the future” to his long list of accomplishments.

Behind the scenes, the Laver Cup social media team is enjoying the presence of the so-called Big 4, joining European teams for the first time. Share the court to his doubles knockabouts before the tournament starts, gather at the Tower of London for a smart private dinner with him, or stroll South his bank and discuss local architecture. We have already seen it.

“What happened to that?” asks Murray in one short video, looking up at the sharp tip of the shard. “Exactly. It’s like broken glass,” Federer replied. These billionaires are now in their mid-thirties and still feel like dads. raise your voice to

Murray is a sublime companion here. A decade ago, he earned a place among the Grand Slam heavyweights, reaching at least his nine semifinals in ten Grand Slams. Now he is stranded in the rearview mirror by his three others. Because they have inexplicably amassed a total tally of his 63 major titles.

Federer, however, considers Murray a worthy member of the gang. So he was given a support slot on Friday night to play singles with Australia’s Alex De Minaur at 7pm before the night’s main event began. Did.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Murray praised Federer for creating a typically thorough script for his own exit. You seem to get it right, it’s something we can all learn from.

“There’s a lot of emotions swirling around with all the players,” Murray said. [because] We are all proud and excited to be part of this team and to be here for his final game. ”

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