Robot makers, including Boston Dynamics, pledge not to weaponize their creations

An Open Letter to the Robot Industry and Our Community

General purpose robots should not be weaponized

We are the world’s leading company dedicated to bringing a new generation of advanced mobile robotics to society. These new generation robots are more accessible, easier to operate, more autonomous, more affordable and more adaptable than previous generations, taking them to places previously inaccessible to automation or remote control technology. You can move. We believe that advanced mobile robots will bring great benefits to society as industry colleagues and household companions.

As with any new technology that offers new capabilities, the emergence of sophisticated mobile robots introduces potential for misuse. Untrustworthy people can use them to violate civil rights and to threaten, harm, or intimidate others. One area of ​​particular concern is weaponization. We believe that the addition of weapons to robots that can be remotely or autonomously operated, widely used by the public, and able to travel to previously inaccessible places where people live and work poses new challenges of harm and serious ethical concerns. I believe that this poses a significant risk. Weaponized applications of robots with these new capabilities would also undermine public confidence in the technology and undermine the enormous benefits that robots bring to society. For these reasons, we do not support the weaponization of highly mobile general-purpose robots. Those who have spoken about the issue in the past, and those who have been involved with it for the first time, know that in recent months the public concern raised by a few people who visibly publicized the impromptu Given the heightening, there is a renewed sense of urgency. Attempts to weaponize commercial robots.

We pledge not to weaponize highly mobile general-purpose robots or software developed to enable advanced robotics. Where possible, we carefully consider your intended application to avoid possible weaponization. We also undertake to consider developing technical features that can reduce or mitigate these risks. To be clear, we are not criticizing the existing technology that countries and their government agencies use to protect themselves and uphold the law.

We understand that our commitment alone will not be enough to fully address these risks, and we will work with policymakers to promote the safe use of these robots and prevent their misuse. I am asking you to ban it. We also ask all organizations, developers, researchers, and users in the robotics community to make a similar pledge not to weaponize, authorize, support, or enable such robots. We believe that the benefits to humanity of these technologies far outweigh the risks of misuse, and look forward to a bright future in which humans and robots work together to tackle some of the world’s challenges.


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