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CM Punk was a controversial and polarizing professional wrestler Despite being out of the wrestling business from January 2014 to August 2021, many fans have missed the former WWE Champion despite being out of the world of professional wrestling for over 20 years. Chant “CM Punk”. During a WWE event. Those chants have gone quiet since Punk debuted on AEW.hisoh… you didn’t knowFormer WWE Tag Team Champion and current Senior Vice President of WWE Live Events Bryan “Road Dog” James said his backstage team was harassed by WWE crowd chants of “CM Punk” after he left the company. It was made clear whether or not

“No, not at all,” said Dog. “Sometimes the boys do. Sometimes the guys are there with their tails off and the fans are taking over the show and wanting to hear their voices.I want their voices to be heard..”

the beginning of Punk’s AEW run It was well received, but fast forward to the 2022 All Out pay-per-view, when he got into a backstage altercation that resulted in him, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks being dropped from AEW programming. while coming back Punk is not in AEW since the September incident. Dog shared his thoughts on punk.

“I knew how [Punk] “It was due to my personal contact with him, but eventually others saw what he was doing,” Dogg explained. So he is not the Second Coming. He’s just a man and he’s kind of a hole.

If you use any of the quotes from this article, please “Oh… you didn’t know” and h/t Wrestling Inc. for transcription.

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