Road Dogg Says MJF Fan Incident at AEW Revolution Won’t Happen in WWE Today – Wrestling Inc.

During an Ironman match against Bryan Danielson at AEW Revolution, MJF broke into the crowd, took a potentially alcoholic drink from a woman and threw it at a child. This caused a lot of controversy, and the company reportedly flew the mother and child into “AEW Dynamite” the following Wednesday. MJF actionMany people shared their views on the incident, Ric Flair etc.WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dog” Bryan James said the situation and how the WWE star “Oh You Don’t Know.”

“For me, it’s not a good thing unless it’s a plant or someone’s child and they know it’s okay to do it,” James said. I don’t think so…I’m thinking about it from a corporate perspective.I can tell you this much.We wouldn’t do it on one of our shows. You will be punished for it.”

It’s not clear if MJF was punished for the incident, but the child was reportedly taken backstage after the event, and James did the same. was just trying to make up for the talent of starting a business for themselves,” James said. That’s exactly why they went into crisis management mode from the perspective of .”

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