Road Dogg observes inmates running asylum in AEW

Road Dogg believes AEW is on its own.

latest episode of “Oh You Didn’t Know” Podcast It was circa 2007, and Road Dogg said that just as TNA had too much talent for its time on TV, AEW had a lot of talent throughout its programming, especially on the company’s Friday night show “Rampage.” I believe you are making the same mistake.

“As long as you think [AEW] Go, you can put on a really good show on a Friday night if you want…not enough for Marquee’s growing list of talent.

“I don’t think they’re using their stuff wisely.”

AEW hasn’t been as happy with signings in the company’s first few years, especially in 2021, but They’re reportedly still in talks with talent like Saraya (formerly known as Paige in WWE). This is despite the fact that many talents seem to spend weeks without major television time.

2021, AEW “Rampage” launched August of last year. The show is often only offered for a limited time of one hour, but some special episodes run for his two hours.

“Inmates can only run asylums for a very long time and that’s how I feel about it,” concludes Road Dogg.

road dog is Recently rehired by WWEsucceeding Jeff Jarrett as Senior Vice President of Live Events. Publicly begging AEW owner Tony Khan for work early this summer.

If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit “Oh you didn’t know” to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.

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