Ricochet Reflects on Historic WWE Achievements

When ricocheting WWE Intercontinental Championship On the March 4 episode of “SmackDown”, he was initially unaware that he had accomplished a feat that no other wrestler had. In fact, no one seemed to notice it until a social media follower pointed it out.

In an interview with NBC Sports Bostonten countRicochet recalled being the first person to win the Intercontinental Championship, the ‘NXT’ North American Championship, and the WWE United States Championship, now WWE’s three mid-card singles titles.

“It was something I didn’t really know until someone posted it on Twitter. ‘I was like, ‘Wow, I think so. But that’s great.'”

Ricochet also expressed appreciation for the fact that the three belts came naturally to him over the course of his career.

“I think it’s organic, it’s natural, it’s going to be better than what we planned,” he said. It’s in the history books now as someone who didn’t even get into wrestling because I didn’t, and I feel like there are a few other things that could end up in the history books.”

As interviewer Steve Faure pointed out, the Intercontinental title is usually seen as a “workhorse championship” that revolves around the hips of the company’s hardest workers and most talented wrestlers. He said he considers all three midcard titles to be his flagship belts and is even more proud of this achievement.

“I always wanted to be known for my work ethic.

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