Rick Steiner Joins WWE Under Steiner’s Name From Source Breaker

Bronn Breaker is the current ‘NXT’ Champion of WWE’s developmental brand. Sourcebreaker wasn’t the first name WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner’s son was going to useWWE had trademarked the name Rex Steiner for an up-and-coming youngster, but it’s not a name that neither he nor the company decided to move forward with. Joined WWE to change to

“know [WWE] I came up with Bronbreaker,” said Ricktable for three‘Why don’t you like Bron Steiner? The Steiner name has been part of the wrestling business since the 1980s. The Steiners are one of the most famous tag teams in WCW.With Uncle Breaker Rick’s brother Scott Steiner, held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship using the Steiner name. Breaker talked about how he came up with his current in-ring name and why he doesn’t use Steiner’s name.

“It came from football, just playing football and trying to hurt people and break them in half while blocking,” Blaker said. “That’s how I came up with the name and I don’t feel the need to use it. [Steiner] A name for me to succeed.I mean, I think you should go your own way, go your own way, and be respectful [The Steiner Brothers.]” Blaker has achieved a lot of success in WWE in his short time on television and is already a two-time reigning NXT Champion. Count together as 235 days.

Please credit “Table For 3” with ah/t to Wrestling Inc. when using quotes from this article. for transcription.

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