RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais reveals if Erika apologized to Jax, stresses being closer to Kathy than Kyle, talks Nicki Minaj drama

Garcelle Beauvais providing updates on her 14-year-old son, jacks nylonappearing in Watch What Happens Live with her real housewives of beverly hills castmate Dorit Kemsley on wednesday night.

Before doubling down on her past claims Cathy Hilton teeth approach her from my sister Kyle Richardsdealing with her public feud Nicki Minajand reveals that she regrets her season 12 interaction with Erica JayneGarcelle revealed if Erica ever apologized to Jax for yelling at him. birthday party.

“She said she would, but Jax doesn’t want that and I respect that,” Garcelle confirmed on the Sept. 21 episode. WWHL: Aftershow.

She also revealed during a live broadcast of WWHLMore Nevertheless bad message He’s received in recent weeks that Jax is “resilient” and doing “good.”

Then, after realizing she “didn’t care at all” that she was locked out of the Aspen store, Kyle and Kathy’s Tequila DramaCassie just “wanted validation” from her sister Garcelle rekindled her drama Kyle says it again. she is close to kathy.

“You’re suspicious…yes. [But] I know Kyle didn’t like it,” Garcelle admitted.

“But you’re doubling it down,” host Andy Cohen I answered.

“Pretty much,” Garsel confessed.

At that point, Dorit interrupted and said to Garcelle, Well, she wouldn’t like it now.”

“She won’t like it now,” Garcelle agreed. not good nowoh yeah, I’m close.

Garsell continued, saying she felt Lisa Rinna was hypocritical by acting so upset by Cassie’s Meltdown in Aspen After throwing and trying to grab a wine glass Kim Richards By the neck of Amsterdam. She also agreed that “of course” Erica has the right to be upset that everyone was so quick to condemn her actions, but she’s hesitant to talk about Kathy’s antics. It looked like

she then Nicky calls her By interviewing the woman who accused her husband, Kenneth Pettyor turnip.

“As a journalist … I was doing my job,” she explained.

also during the period WWHLMore In the episode, Garsell admitted that he wished Erica had gone through more trouble when it came to her treatment. 14 year old son Jax.After being asked if he wanted to tell us more about Erica beat her eldest son, Oliver SandersGarsell said he was not her primary concern.

“Oliver is an adult. He can handle himself. But I wish I had been more strict with her about Jax. That’s when I got mad,” Garcelle said.

real housewives of beverly hills season 12 It airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Bravo.

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