RHOBH Recap: Rinna Claims Kathy’s Meltdown Caused PTSD, Calls Her a ‘Demon’, Erica Stands Up to Garcelle

Omens are king in this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly hillsWhile spending the night in Aspen, Erica “It has saidKyle I want to go to another bar… what happens? ” Obviously, a LOT can happen, and as the old saying goes, every story has three sides to him. Your side, my side, the truth.

The next morning, everyone is busy packing their bags to head back to Los Angeles. Rinna at the club the night before Cassie I was having an absolute meltdown.Lina goes on to say that she didn’t expect Cathy to behave and she’s still “shocked” so she didn’t say a lot. that How. She’s pretty vague, but apparently, Kathy hasn’t come out of her room and she’s very upset, so she must be pretty bad.

On the flight home, with Erica Sutton It seems to take a while (again). Erica tells Sutton that she no longer wants to fight her, insisting that Erica wants to connect “humanly”. She apologizes for her own actions and she’s actually being real with Sutton for once. No pigs flew, planes didn’t crash, and Erica suddenly had feelings?

According to Erica, Kathy is off the plane because she “broke down at a nightclub.” Sutton said Kathy was “a little off” and she kept asking everyone to play conga lines. Diana explains that she saw Cathy yell at the girls in a fit of rage, but mostly at Kyle. Rinna stepped in to take Kathy back to her home, and Kathy lost it, according to Rinna, who said she “one-handedly took the show down” and “ruined” all the women. said. Kathy jumped on her glasses and she “would destroy Kyle and her family if that was the last thing she did,” she stated. But let’s not forget that Rinna lies sometimes… Hi Sutton and the Charity Event Table?? Is not it?!

Kyle explains that Erica was reading a play-by-play text he received from Rinna and was just blown away. say, american womanand it can be hard to feel that Kathy is outmatched by Kyle.

Going home, the women are getting ready crystalUpcoming 39th Birthday Party: Twenties Frenzy Theme! Krystal visits with her husband to discuss her party (who seems to have forgotten). She strongly hopes the women don’t ruin her big day, but it’s unlikely this group will be able to keep it together.

Kyle can’t go to Crystal’s party, but he hasn’t spoken to Cassie since Aspen, so he’s worried they’ll be back in that bad spot again.

Dorit and Erica meet in a modern chocolate factory to lift Erica’s spirit and free her mind from her troubles. Dorrit claims this is therapeutic and fun, but it’s also a chance for them to talk shit. Garcellesegment about earrings real, She has big problems with Garcelle. Erica believes Garcelle played to her and her “semi-nice” on the Aspen trip, and she is upset that Garcelle didn’t even give Erica her head.

Dorit throws Kyle under the bus, worried about what her neighbors will think of befriending and supporting Erica, even when Erica shows no compassion for her victims. Erica laughs it off, saying, “Sometimes the best people hide the most.”Erika’s Arguments. She doesn’t admit that Kyle talks about Erica’s behavior to her, given her recent meltdown of Cassie.It’s interesting that Erica is distracted by Cassie… what does Cassie tell her? did you do

The ladies are getting ready for Crystal’s party, and Sutton shares that she has an authentic 1920s vintage dress (she has, of course). and was able to sign her name on a crystal card from Garcelle.Garcelle catches Sherry real stating in the segment that he has not seen Erica since Aspen. Given that Garcelle still strongly believes that Erica should give up her earrings, she should be interesting tonight.Garcelle decided not to say anything…of course Erica brought it up. Unless.

A grand entrance is made by the group, but of course Rinna does it about her, claiming it’s hard to get over what she went through with Cassie, but she nevertheless showed up. I feel brave, so I put on a brave face.” Who was the member when she threw the glass? Suddenly Rinna softened.

Cathy shows up at the party, and the whole atmosphere changes when she shows up. Rinna is shocked to see Kathy acting like nothing happened. Lina does her best to fend off Kathy, and she says it’s “excruciatingly difficult” to see Kathy, who Rinna calls Kathy’s meltdown “messed up on every level.”

Rinna and Kathy are separated, but Erica and Sutton are doing well.Erica talks about her old house and how she passed it for the first time since she left. I’m doing my best for… I hope Erica gives up those earrings like she gave up that house. When Garcelle is questioned by Dorit about her opinion realGarcelle reminds Dorit that the show is her job and that she gets paid to talk about hot topics.

Lina is still shaken by what happened in Aspen and decides she needs to go. says. drama heroine. Lina certainly drags this out, dragging Cassie along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Erica tells Garcelle that she liked ‘Heads Up’ realErica tries to keep her voice calm and calm (albeit frightening) and considers herself on good terms with Aspen’s Garcel. Garcelle doesn’t hesitate and reminds Erika that she’s supposed to discuss her hot topic.

An upset Crystal returns to the group and reports that Rinna told her that she was “quite upset about what happened in Aspen”, with Crystal further stating that she “doesn’t even know what it means”. . Cathy thinks that Lisa left early because she went through everything Lisa lost her mother.Cathy continues to say that Rinna was a ‘lover’ that night she ‘heard’ meltdown She says she apologizes if she’s been “the toe that broke the camel’s back” to Rinna.

Erica and Diana He is told to call Rinna to find out what is causing all this anxiety.When Rinna doesn’t respond, Erika explains that she thinks Rinna is angry. Erica believes Rinna should tell her side of the story to the group so everyone can better understand why she’s so angry.

Erica turns the topic to her. “The problem I have here is that everyone is very quick to condemn my actions, but if I’m going to talk about Erica’s actions, oh, I’m going to talk about everyone in this group. Erica and Rinna Don’t you find it suspicious that only two people are pushing this storyline?

Diana explains that the Kathy she knows is very put together, but Kathy in Aspen was furious. Rinna keeps quiet, though she states that all she can do is apologize for her behavior at the nightclub. Diana calls Rinna a chicken for not giving her own opinion (yes!) and reminds Erica that she doesn’t really know what happened.

Once the party is over, Erica holds Dorit in place while the other women leave. Wait – she thought Dorit had to go home with the kids, but now that she’s busy talking to Erica, is she in no hurry? Erica lowers her voice to ominous soap opera tones and slowly and deliberately explains to Dorit what she knows about *that* night. Erica, she states, left Crystal because Rinna took Kathy to her house and things got worse with Splinter. Erica doesn’t know why anyone is afraid of Kathy Hilton, she claims, and she says it’s Kathy’s turn next. Dorit worries that Kyle will bear the brunt of it. But I wonder if it’s time for Rinna and Erica to stop interfering with their families and getting other people involved…

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