RHOA’s Kenya Moore says Marlo fights to stay ‘relevant’ and reeks of ‘despair’ as Maro accuses Kenya of ‘condescending’

Kenya Moore I believe marlo hampton I chose to fight her all along 14th season Also Real Housewives of Atlanta Because she felt she could stay relevant in the Bravo reality series.

Following the latest episode of Three parts RHO reunion, kenya shading marlo As a ‘sociopath’, Kenya voiced her suspicions Marlo’s Antics, which claims her castmates to be “a series of desperation.” Marlo fired back, suggesting that Kenya refused to back her despite her efforts. A good friend.

“She thinks it will make her more relevant. It’s a series of desperation,” Kenya said of Marlo on the Sept. 18 episode. RHOA: After the show“I don’t want to have anything to do with you. I have choices in my life that exclude people who don’t mean my good intentions.”

According to Kenya, Marlo did a lot to prove she wasn’t worthy of friendship. Cynthia Baileyof engagement party Pick her at Cynthia’s barbecue.

“It’s constant,” Kenya complained.

Marlo, on the other hand, believes it was Kenya who caught a “bad case of not being accepted” after showing her how great a friend she could be.

why are you so upsetWe were just friends.? I’m literally in New York sleeping on Kenya’s shoulders.i am ready to fight [Marc Daly] To Kenya in New York. what the hell? Is it because you said you thought you were lying about being sick? Are you so mad at me because I disagreed with you? Marlo wondered. “I have come full force 100 times as a friend of Kenya.”

Reflecting on their years-long relationship, Marlo said she supported Hope to perform in Kenya upon dance with the stars By dressing up like Rizzo, we only learned that Kenya was extremely rude to the woman she sent to the door.

“As soon as I sent the invitation to your house, the girl was so hurt that she seriously said, ‘She’s so mean. Why was she so mean about your invitation?’ remembered her from my wig event. “Is there any way you can congratulate me?”

Continuing, Marlo Kandi Burrus For real”don’t fuck with [her]

“It hurts. It really does. I never tell her that, but it hurts,” Marlo admitted. But I was, so why are you making fun of me? Why are you making fun of me?”

Marlo then overshadowed Kenya’s continued efforts to become an “A-list actress,” after stating that Kenya had “achieved a lot” and was a “great mother.”

“Okay, I hope and pray for her. [But] She’s upset…she sees me moving up a bit. I’m up, up, and she’s just… but it’s okay,” Marlo continued.

However, Kenya believes Marlo to be the aggressor and accuses her of lying about her, claiming she is a liar. Stated.

Finally, Kenya said to Marlo, “Leave me alone.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 reunion Ends with Part 3 on Sunday, September 25th on 8/7c on Bravo.

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