Retired NYPD officer was second bystander shot by same gang member in days: cop

Two high-profile gang members are on the hunt for the shooting of a former NYPD detective in Harlem.

Shaquan Moore, 19, and Alex Guzman, 20, both crew members of “AK House”, are accused of opening fire on a rival on West 125th Street around 7 a.m. on October 7. . On April 4, NYPD Chief of Criminal Affairs James Essig said at a news conference on crime statistics:

Terence Felder, a 60-year-old former NYPD employee, was on his way to work as a research consultant for the city’s Department of Child Services. shot in the chest and shoulder by a stray bullet From Crossfire, according to police.

“He was the unintended victim, caught in a shootout between rival gang members,” Essig said of Felder.

The shooting occurred when 21-year-old Teshaun Harper, a member of the rival Make It Happen Boys gang, was walking with two fellow gang members at 304 Lenox Avenue, and Guzman and Moore. Authorities said the incident occurred while they were exchanging words.

Shaquan Moore and Alex Guzman are accused of shooting at a rival.
New York Police Department
Felder is still recovering from the shooting.

“Shots are exchanged by both groups. A total of eight 9 mm shell casings were recovered,” said Essig.

Guzman was wanted in connection with the September 15 shooting. At 21 540 W. 136th St., he opened fire on another rival member of his gang and attacked his 60-year-old innocent man, the chief says.

“Investigations revealed that these shootings were part of gang violence. ’ was,” Esig said.

Surveillance footage of the stray bullet shooting of former NYPD officer Terrence Felder in Harlem on October 4.
Surveillance footage of the stray bullet shooting of former NYPD officer Terrence Felder in Harlem on October 4.
Surveillance footage of the shooting
Felder was hit by a stray bullet as firing between rivals continued.

Harper was arrested later that day on suspicion of selling drugs to an undercover agent a few days earlier, Essig said. Police said he had a previous arrest record for assault and intimidation.

The chief added that two other men with Harper have not yet been identified.

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