Republicans call abortion rights protesting the Capitol a “riot”

Outside the Arizona Capitol, a protest described as a state rebellion after soldiers finished tearing gas Senate RepublicanTheir Democrats asserted that the majority of protesters were peaceful.

Thousands of people gathered outside the Phoenix State Capitol on Friday night. supreme court Capsize Roe v. Wade Incident Wade, Constitutional protection against abortion ends with a bomb decision that is expected to lead to proceedings Banned in about half of the states.

Republican Senator Karen Fann later praised law enforcement agencies for blocking “attempts of riots by violent protesters in favor of abortion” because legislators were working to complete the 2022 legislative session. Announced a press release. There were no arrests.

Some protesters called for law enforcement action, saying they acted without prior warning.

Riot police surround Arizona Capitol
Police surround the Arizona Capitol after protesters arrive in front of the Arizona Capitol, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. Wade in Phoenix on Friday, June 24, 2022.
AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the peaceful protests that brought together up to 8,000 people outside the Capitol building “developed into anarchy and criminal activity by a large group of debris.”

In a statement, DPS and some protesters tried to break the building when they realized that the legislature was open.

“The violence of their efforts literally rocked the building and scared the citizens and lawmakers who occupied it,” the statement added. “The glass door was bent in an attempt to enter the room, and the occupants of the building were instructed to move to a safe place.”

according to Arizona Republic, At around 8:30 pm, when tear gas was fired from the second floor of the Capitol, protesters were scattered and told the outlet that several protesters had come without warning.

The DPS said state soldiers paid attention because “some people indiscriminately brought their children” after issuing multiple warnings and before deploying tear gas.

Protesters said they were tampering with a state monument at the nearby Welly Borin Plaza while the “riot” was outside the Capitol, but no arrests were reported.

Riot police outside the Arizona Capitol
Riot police surround the Arizona Capitol Museum. The Arizona Department of Public Safety said protests involving up to 8,000 people “developed into anarchy and criminal activity by a large group of debris.”

The Associated Press reported that most Phoenix protesters were peaceful, a few were knocking on the windows, and one tried to forcefully kick the glass sliding door. No broken glass was visible in the Senate building after the crowd was dispersed.

Mr. Huang called for a break, saying that “a terrible situation had occurred,” allowing lawmakers, staff, and civilians in the building to evacuate, her release said.

According to the release, the Senate minutes were moved to another room after the building was secured, as the building’s air circulation system pulled smoke and tear gas into the Senate room.

“We are very grateful to the local law enforcement agencies for promptly intervening in situations that could be devastating and dangerous to senators, staff and the general public,” Huang said in a statement. Stated.

“Violence is by no means the answer, and we do not disguise what was an explicit attempt at riots as a” rally “or” peaceful protest. ” We call on all state legislators to condemn these acts. “

Senate Arizona Democratic Party Only a few failed to enter the building, saying in a statement on Saturday that protesters had gathered to “express grief and anger” at the Supreme Court’s decision.

“We have explicitly condemned all forms of violence and look forward to the findings to explain the law enforcement response,” the statement said.

They also attacked “right-wing media and lawmakers,” who called it a “rebellion attempt,” and accused them of “weaponing this moment to deviate from the actions of January 6th.”

upon twitter, State Sen. Republican Kelly Townsend said he hopes that a committee that is investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol will be “immediately created.”

“We are currently held hostage in the Senate building because the general public is trying to violate our safety,” she wrote. “We smell tears and one of our children is in the office crying in fear. I hope the J24 Commission will be formed soon.”

Democrats at the Arizona House also emphasized that the Capitol building was never invaded by protesters. “The lie that the Capitol was breached thanks to the amplification of the right-wing media will make it twice around the world while the truth is wearing its pants,” they said. Tweet

Demonstrators took them to the streets of cities across the country to protest eggAutumn.

In Iowa, trucks attacked at least two protesters after the right to abortion was rallyed on Friday night.

According to local media, the Vermont State Capitol in Montpilia was polluted with a spray-painted massage. “If abortion is not safe, you are not safe either.”

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