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Report: Finland survives energy crisis well into 2022

Finland was one of those countries It survived the 2022 energy crisis, according to a report released by the Kalevi Solsa Foundation. The report, titled “His 9 Questions and Answers About the 2022 Energy Crisis,” Janne M. Korhonen, the foundation’s energy policy expert. Investigate the causes of the crisis and suggest ways it could have been avoided.

The report shows that Finland weathered the energy crisis at the top level and will have the second lowest electricity prices in Europe in 2022. This is mainly due to Finland’s reduced dependence on fossil fuels compared to most European countries. According to Korhonen, electricity prices are expected to return to normal levels soonest in Finland and Sweden.

But the report also stresses that the main cause of the energy crisis was Russia’s attempt to punish countries that supported Ukraine and cut exports of natural gas and electricity to EU countries. In addition, problems with French nuclear power plants, including delayed maintenance and technical problems, exacerbated the crisis. The crisis was exacerbated by an unusually dry and hot summer in 2022.

Finland could have managed the crisis better if the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant had been completed by the winter of 2022, according to the report. , if the backup power supply was previously shut down. Nonetheless, previous investments in renewable energy have helped mitigate the crisis. Wind power has grown rapidly, especially in Finland, and electricity prices have fallen on windy days. In addition, energy efficiency improvements and demand response measures have reduced electricity bills for everyone.

The report concludes that the 2022 energy crisis, like the 1973 oil crisis, will play a key role in reminding us of the risks of our dependence on fossil fuels. The whim of the leader of the producing countries.

The report also touches on other energy-related issues such as the cost of wind energy alternatives, the impact of emissions trading on electricity prices, and the role of peat in the energy crisis.

Overall, the report provides valuable insight into the factors that contributed to the 2022 energy crisis and how Finland endured better than most countries. It also highlights the importance of continuing to invest in renewable energy sources and stepping up energy efficiency measures to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and minimize the impact of future energy crises. .


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