REPORT: Erika Jayne’s Financial Backers Revealed, See Alleged Amount for RHOBH Star by Ronald Richards

Erica Jaynethe litigation costs of Thomas Girardi.

According to a new report, a complaint in a lawsuit suing Girardi Keith, Thomas’ former law firm, Erica, and Erica’s firm, EJ Global LLC, for “unpaid fees,” reveals that. . James Wilkes IIalso known as Jim Wilkesis about $500,000 real housewives of beverly hills Cast members from November 2020 once famous lawyer.

“Erika filed a motion for summary judgment to get out of the lawsuit, in response to which the law firm claimed that Erica had received hundreds of thousands of dollars from an attorney named James Louis Wilkes II through the Wilkes Act. I pointed out that I received the cost. bravo docket upon Instagram Revealed on September 20th, their information Law360 and reveal Ronald Richards I am representing the plaintiff in this case.

The outlet also said Erica did not dispute receipt of her funds.

RHOBH Erica Jayne's legal bills are being paid by James Lewis Wilkes II

bravo docket Continued to share Erica’s timeline of events ongoing courtroom drama.

In September 2020, they announced that Erica Documentation provided regarding Joseph Luigomez A case in which the burn victim is said to have stiffened $11 million settlement Thomas and his law firm secured him from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

The following month, Erica opened an account with Wells Fargo in Tampa, Florida, and Jim was listed as one of Thomas’ longtime business associates.and 19 days before her file for divorce$150,000 has been transferred to your account.

RHOBH Erica Jayne Legal Timeline

Following Erica’s divorce papers, Thomas’ assets frozenand he was forced into bankruptcy in December 2020 — the same month Erica reportedly received another $100,000. under the guardianship systemErica was paid $150,000.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi Bankruptcy Timeline

“Wilkes told Law360 that he provides legal representation for Erica Girardi. He sees Tom Girardi primarily as a personal friend and rarely does business with him. said no. bravo docket .

RHOBH Thomas Girardi's friend Jim Wilkes pays Erika Jayne's legal bills

in other Erica Jayne News, Ronald recently participated in an interview with a blogger The real Andy of Beverly Hills When Marty Annis and Eddievia bravo snark side On Instagram, he explained why. Rob Cast members were refusing to settle numerous lawsuits now disputed against her.

“Erika wins some motions and some calls to action, but it doesn’t really matter because if she loses anything she’ll just file for bankruptcy. But the good news is that in these cases , who is funding her and all of this,” Ronald revealed.

He said he was trying to reveal details of the story while certain information was sealed, and Erika “is going to fight everything unless someone orders her to do something”.

“She’s not paying legal fees, so what does she care about?” he wondered. “For some reason, I don’t know what, buddy, person, girl, man, who it is. I like paying all the bills… so she has no motivation to settle.” Why would you want to sell anything if you have someone to pay your bills?”

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