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Refugees are waiting longer and longer for civil service numbers

Refugees and asylum seekers are waiting longer and longer to obtain a Civil Service Number (BSN). Refugee association Früchtelingenwerk Nederland said at least 8,000 people were on a months-long waiting list due to backlogs in paperwork. People’s NewspaperIn practice this means they cannot work in the Netherlands and it is more difficult to move from an asylum seeker’s shelter to a regular home.

According to regulations, an asylum seeker must register with the Basic Personal Registry within six months, at which point he or she will obtain a BSN. This means that they can start building a life in Holland to a limited extent. After their asylum applications are granted and they obtain refugee status and residence permits, the BSN is essentially an access code for further participation in society, the newspaper writes.

At least 8,000 asylum seekers and refugees have been waiting for BSN for more than six months, according to figures recently released by the Ministry of Justice. The majority he has been waiting for over 9 months. According to VluchtelingenWerk, thousands have been waiting for him for over a year.

You cannot open a bank account without a BSN. That is, they have no place to receive their salaries, social assistance benefits and allowances. That could also lead to housing problems, he told the newspaper, a spokesman for VluchtelingenWerk. Many local governments want to verify bank account numbers when allocating housing to ensure that the person can pay the rent.

The fact that refugees are stuck in asylum shelters and unable to find work is particularly distressing. pervasive labor shortage Holland and Asylum shelter crisis.

According to the association, this generation of asylum seekers and refugees has had a false start in the Netherlands. “BSN is not part of our administration,” said a spokesperson.

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