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Record of the Polaki Incident

The political-εσωκομματική “περιπέτεια”, which opened about a month ago, seems to have been completed since ΣΥΡΜΑ-ΠΣ.reason for his case Paul Polakiwill eventually be nominated in the next national election after an omophonic decision by the party’s political secretariat.

Στησυνεδρίασητης, ηΠ.Γ. του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ determined ομόφωνα να στης εκλογικές λιστες o κ. Πολάκης μετα και τη ποβληση αυτόκριτική που εία ο πολευτής Χανίων που που απόστηλης που απόστηλης.

According to political anti-politicians, «The organization took into account a letter shared by Paul Πολάκης. In it, he describes his recent posts, admits errors and omissions, and reaffirms his absolute respect for the ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ» co-determination.

it was mentioned earlier ΑλέξηΤσίπρα During his presentation to the party organ. The president of ΣΥΡΖΑ, referring to Paul Polaki’s letter, said, “Since it is indeed a letter of self-criticism, we must confirm the first proposal».

A few hours after Π.Γ. Πιο ενωμένοι και πιο δεσιμένοι από ποτές. Για να Ανασάνει η χόρα. Για Δικαιοσύνη παντος» και τη συνόδευσε με δύο υστερόGRAPHα: «ΥΓ1: Σιγά μην τους κάναμε το χατίρι, ΥΓ2: Η Κρέτμδμάτνρσ.

Η First «μπαλωθιά» για την υπόφησηματης Χαιρετάκη

On February 19, the day ΣΥΡΙΖΑ announced 75% of the votes, Παύλος Πολάκης was not among the names announced by Μιχάλη Χαιρετάκη, so he published an organized post.

«Προφανώς από “λάθος” ο Μιχάλης Χαιρετάκης δεν Παρα της χθεσινή προσειγία της πύληση γραμματέίας στην και το ονομάτων για του του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ στα Χανιά. 「λάθος」が修正されるまで、それは私の立候補にも適用されません» , he wrote it.

Πηγές της Κουμουνδούρου σχολίασαν how in ΣΥΡΜΑ-ΠΣ voting decisions are collective and the final decision of their katārttisή rests on party organs. They also stated that participation in the vote was voluntary, without conditions or conditions, for all executives, members of parliament, and parliamentary candidates, and that anyone who disagreed with the collective decision on the composition of the vote would not participate in the vote. I pointed out that I have rights. .

Responses from the side of ΣΥΡΜΑ and Αλέξη Τσίπρα will go one step further next week after the new post by κ. Πολάκη, ηκαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαικαιπερισσότερα.

Η παραστέρα-επικρήσημη και η παραπομπή στα στα του πομμάτος

In particular, a member of parliament from ΣΥΡΙΖΑ had published posts trying to “clean up” judges, journalists, bankers and civil servant chiefs, so as he wrote, “this time it will be different”.

Paul Polakis’ online “promotion” called for one of four systematic banks to be placed under public control, he demanded the removal of Jorg Pizigi from ΑΑΔΕ, denounced the media and promised to restore papal law regulation.

On February 28, after a lengthy joint meeting with the participation of ΑλέξηΤσίπρα, President of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ, the Secretariat of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ and the Political Planning Commission unanimously recommended to the Political Secretariat the non-participation of colleaguesことを決定した。ポール・ポラキの投票 του προμματος ενόψει της της και κριστικής ANAMETRICAS». 〇κ。 Πολάκης της παραπεμφθεί τότε και στην Ελληνικά Δεοντολογίας του πομματος.

After a heavy πένθος from τραγωδία στα Πέμπη, all scheduled sessions of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ were cancelled, so Polaki’s topic “pågose” was also picked up.

A letter of apology that changed the culture

Six days after the letter Παύλος Πολάκης sent to the leadership of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, the case was revived the day before the meeting of Π.Γ. of commas.

In his letter, SYRÍΖΑ’s representative wrote επιμαχη anartisή, πως “επ’ ουδενί εκπένουσε σε περισσότερος του συρήΖΑ-Π.Σ., Αλέξη Φσίπρα”.

«Με την Αναρτησή μου εξεφρασα, perhaps overly strong opinions, opinions that I have expressed publicly for some time, most of which constitute the programmatic position of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-Π.Σ», In his letter, among other things, he said:

Timeline of the Polaki 2 Incident

Today, hours before the announcement of the “apókátástassi”, Polakis in the vote of Μichάλης Χαιρετάκης announced in writing the withdrawal of his candidacy from the vote of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ. Ο πολιτευτής του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ said, “We don’t need micropolitics, ego, status, cars or machines in this battle.”

A few hours later, in order to arrive at the “perception” of Paul Polakis’ self-criticism by Αλέξη Tsipras and the unanimous decision of the Political Secretariat, it was emphasized that: τις πρόσφατες αναρτήσεις του’s account recognizes errors and mistakes and reaffirms his absolute respect for the ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ» co-determination.

Timeline of the Polaki 3 Incident

Επίθεσα από ΝΔ και ΠΑΣΟΚ

After publication of the public decision of the Political Secretariat of

Timeline of the Polaki 4 Incident

Polaki 5 Incident Timeline

«Με τα και τραγελαφικά για για με τον κ. Πολάκη, αποδείχτης για οῦρα μια φορα, τοι ο “πολακισμός” είναι ταυτισμένος με τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και τον κ. Τσίπρα» σχολίασε το κιβερνών πάμμα, while ΠΑΣΟΚ σκωπτικά τοτι “η δήθεν μετριοπαθής στροφή του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ που ΣΥΡΙΖΑ που ένα λήγει άδοξα, had begun under yemerologiačka dysοίωνους conditions, as it had coincided with the Sunday of the Apocrypha”.

Today’s announcement of ‘γαϊτανάκι’, consistent with ΣΥΡΜΑ, is a new response to ΝΔ, η: η Ν.Δ επιλέγει τον τον της της της της στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ με αφορμή τις εσωτερικές του διεργασίας».

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