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Record number of recyclable bottles and cans returned in Finland, but plastic bottles lag behind

2.2 billion deposit bottles last year The can was returned in Finland, slightly breaking the previous record. However, the return rate of PET bottles has been declining in recent years, and the reasons for this are still unknown. According to Palpa, an organization that manages the recycling of plastic bottles, the collection rate of plastic bottles has fallen slightly, and is now 90%.

Cans and bottles had the highest return rates, at 99% and 98% respectively. While the return rate for plastic bottles is still good, it is important to take steps to improve it, and Pulpa encourages consumers to return plastic bottles more frequently.

One possible reason for the declining plastic bottle return rate is that some plastic bottles are recycled in other ways, such as being put in the trash cans of apartment buildings. In addition, some bottles cannot be returned due to reasons such as the bar code label being peeled off. Despite these factors, Palpa is calling for new initiatives to encourage consumers to return plastic bottles.

It is worth noting that Finnish consumers are already relatively enthusiastic about returning deposits on bottles and cans. According to Palpa, the average Finnish consumer returns about 400 deposit bottles and cans per year. The Finnish beverage packaging deposit system is one example of a successful recycling programme. Consumers now have 4,000 return points, and a closed-loop system ensures that materials can be recycled indefinitely.

Recycling beverage packaging saves a lot of energy and natural resources. Last year, 19,800 tonnes of aluminum, 16,800 tonnes of plastic and 52,300 tonnes of glass were returned to the system for reuse in new packaging. Palpa’s goal is to encourage consumers to recycle as many beverage containers as possible, reminding them that every container matters when it comes to conserving resources. The high return rate for cans and bottles indicates that the deposit system is effective, and new initiatives may improve the return rate for PET bottles as well.

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