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Razzie apologizes for nominated 12-year-old for worst actress

Amid the backlash, the Razzie Awards first issued an apology for nominated 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong for Firestarter’s Worst Actress.

After a fierce backlash, Razzies apology after nomination fire starter Worst Actress: 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong. The 2023 Razzie nominations were announced on Jan. 22 and immediately caused a stir when 12-year-old Armstrong was nominated for Worst Actress for her role as Charlie. fire starterAlicia Silverstone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Diane Keaton and Kaya Scodelario were also nominated for the award, but Armstrong stood out as the only child. Many celebrities, including Russo, have accused Razzies of being “soulless” and “mean” for naming their children. However, many felt that targeting children was particularly cruel.

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As reported by varietythe Razzies issued an apology following the backlash they received Armstrong nominated for Worst ActressAn apology came from Razzies founder John Wilson, confirming that Armstrong’s nomination had been dropped following “justifiable criticism” the organization had received. It has been revealed that it has adopted a “voting guideline” that prohibits the nomination of a person. Please see the statement below.

Sometimes when we do things without thinking, we are asked for it. Then you will understand. That’s why Razzies was created in the first place.

The recent justifiable criticism of picking 11-year-old Armstrong as a nominee for our award has drawn attention to how insensitive we have been on the subject. As a result, we have removed Armstrong’s name from the final ballot that members will cast next month. We also believe she owe a public apology to Armstrong, and would like to say that she regrets the hurt she has suffered as a result of our choices.

Having learned from this lesson, we would like to announce that from this point on we will be adopting voting guidelines that exclude performers or filmmakers under the age of 18 from being considered for awards.

We weren’t trying to fill someone’s career. That is why our Redeemer Award was created. we all make mistakes.

Our motto is ‘Own Your Bad’ and we know that we must live up to it too.


John Wilson, Razzie Award

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Nomination Age Limit Doesn’t Fix Razzies

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Luckily the Razzies are trying to rectify the situation, but the age limit for nominations comes too late. Armstrong is one of her four child stars to have been nominated for a Razzie Award over the years. Gary Coleman was nominated for Worst Actor in his 1982 at her 14-year-old, and Macaulay Culkin (also at her 14-year-old) was nominated her three times in his 1995. for Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceLloyd later quit acting due to the severe bullying he received Phantom Menace. at the same time, Culkin later opened up about being exploited and abused by his parents during his childhood acting career. After these unfortunate circumstances, it’s unclear why Mr. and Mrs. Razzie were unable to reconsider nominating child actors who are particularly vulnerable in the industry.

Age restrictions, on the other hand, do not stop such situations from occurring.The Razzies also received heavy backlash and scrutiny in 2022 for creating a category called Worst Bruce Willis Performance in a 2021 Movie. revealed he had retired after being diagnosed with aphasia. The organization shocked critics Initially defended keeping the Willis category Even after it was revealed that he was suffering from a medical condition during a 2021 performance. After a fierce backlash, the organization decided to withdraw the category. We have finally decided to withdraw our Worst Actress nomination.

with Willis Duvall says how the Razzies Even with an age limit in place, it can backfire. Organizations target and insult actors without regard to context. An actor’s poor performance doesn’t necessarily reflect their acting skills. Many factors beyond the control of the actor can lead to poor performance. Additionally, many of the Razzies nominees have been wrongly nominated simply because the films they starred in were poorly done and their performances were poorly structured. Razzies It won’t be fixed until you nominate considering all factors, not just age.

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