Ranking every CM Punk title match from worst to best

In one of the most memorable “Raw” episodes of the day, CM Punk successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase for the first time, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Sure, he had a lot of help, opportunistically cashing in after Batista beat then-champion Edge, and winning just seconds after hitting a go-2 sleep. Regardless of the method, it’s been a passing of the baton, with stars of the previous generation leaving behind the new stars of the present, and the original Money in the Bank winner losing out to the latest.

For years, Punk fans have wondered if he could get this far. He faced a long and arduous road to the top, with many trendmakers criticizing his looks, size, cockiness and style in the ring. But as the world can see here, Punk finally snagged the top title in the biggest promotion in the world. But this win alone took Punk to a level many thought unattainable.

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