Rangers hope to improve finish after learning from road trip mixed results

A four-game trip to the West may not have ended the way the Rangers had hoped, but the club scored 5 of 8 points and were forced to return home to strengthen their recent play. Should go back.

Going 2-1-1 shows that it wasn’t perfect. The Rangers still endure occasional crappy periods that keep the team from being happy with his 60-minute effort. Sometimes, usually with the help of goalkeeper Igor Shestakin, the Rangers are able to come into the game unscathed – like Thursday’s second period against the Kraken. Other times he has to work harder to make up for it, like Tuesday’s game against the Kings where he had to dig out a two-goal hole after a flat opening his frame.

Blueshirts need to eradicate or at least limit these biased periods from their repertoire.

Their toil continued from city to city. A lot of posts were hits. So many shots just got bigger. So many bounces didn’t do them any favors. Hiding their frustration with their bad luck with the pack worked better some nights than others, but when their annoyance came through, that black rubber disc became more stingy.

The Rangers finished their four-game expedition with mixed results.
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Losing to the Ducks, who are in the NHL’s entire underworld, slightly overshadows the positivity the Rangers should take from the trip.

“There were four or five empty nets. [Ducks goalie John Gibson] I made some kind of save,” said Mika Zibanejad, who had a goal and three assists in four games.[Forty-three] shot. I don’t understand, it’s frustrating.Yeah, we’re not playing our best game, but we’re creating enough chances, we’re doing enough, but the puck doesn’t want to come in. At least [Wednesday night]Gibson comes up with some really big savings for them. I’m annoyed. ”

The Rangers started scoring 5-5 out of the top six, especially in Tuesday’s 5-3 win over Los Angeles. Barclay Goodrow, Vincent Trochek, Kaapo Kakko and Chris Crider all made it through. It may not be enough, but let’s start here.

With so many examples of star players inches away from goal, with some mental endurance, the Rangers’ top two line should skyrocket every game.

Watching the Rangers fight was also encouraging. In two of the four games they rallied from behind to win or force extra time. The second period of the game against the Kings was when he scored three goals in a row to help the Rangers close his two-goal deficit, and although perhaps his best 20 minutes of the season, he scored three goals in a row. could be one.

Even more impressive was how they kept their cool after LA tied the score again with just over six thirds to go.

“This is how things are built,” captain Jakob Torba said after the come-from-behind victory over the Kings. I don’t want to say we stumbled a little bit early on, but I think we had some tough breaks. We also had a match, which I think really creeps into your mind, but you have to build it all season long.

“You build your game and build confidence in the group and in the locker room. You build such a good mood and fun. So hopefully I think we’re embarking on it, and I don’t think it’s a secret.

“The team was frustrated at times as a group, but we keep fighting and playing. Good to know.”

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