Rangers’ Barclay Goodrow says ankle ‘feels good’

The fact that the Rangers are keeping Barkley Goodrow out of the team’s scrimmage is nothing to worry about. Because, as we saw during the playoffs, nothing keeps the utility off the ice once the actual game begins.

After recovering from a broken ankle that cost him 11 games in the first and second rounds of the postseason, Goodrow is looking to get back into the game before making a mysterious comeback in Game 6 against the Hurricanes. Given the importance of the role Goodrow plays on this team, it’s understandable why his organization prioritizes safety over pity.

Goodrow said Thursday afternoon after the first day of ice training camp at the MSG Training Center in Tarrytown. “Compared to a month ago, today’s mood is day and night. If the season starts tomorrow, I will be able to play without any problems, but we talked about playing slowly at 1,000 percent.

“It’s a long season and you don’t want to fuss and linger for a season. You can cure it completely and make sure it’s 100%.”

Berkeley Goodrow
Robert Sabo

Goodrow said he plans to attend at least some of the six preseason games against the Islanders, which begin Monday at Madison Square Garden. Head coach Gerald Gallant echoed that sentiment, but noted that it may not be so soon.

The all-too-early line combination has Goodrow skating to the fourth line, but Gallant said the winger will be seen in the top unit next to Chris Crider and Mika Zibanejado for some time. Sammy Brace, who has been sidelined for most of the season with a torn ACL, is making his first appearance in the right field position.

However, Gallant has shown an affinity for plugging Goodrow in all areas of the lineup.

“It was nice to see Sammy come through the scrimmage and play like he did,” Gallant said. “I’m sure he was really excited. [10] A few months after he actually played. he worked hard. It was good, he got over it and everything was really good. I know the confidence was there for him, it was huge.

“Goodrow will be there a little, [Sammy is] I’m going there for a little while. Let’s see where it goes from there. A great day for him. ”

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