Rangers’ Artemi Panarin wants another unexpected play

Artemi Panarin has been dissatisfied not only with his job in the playoffs, but also his job throughout the 2021-22 regular season, the more unpredictable player he played in two seasons with the Blue Jackets and his first season with the team. He said he intends to return to a possible style. Rangers.

Head coach Gerard Galant, meanwhile, I liked playing Panarin Last season, even in the postseason.

Through a translator, Panarin said the thoughts he first expressed late in the season. “We definitely had some good parts last season, 15 or 20 good games out of the main part of the season. We need more puck movement.”

Panarin finishes 12th in the league His 74 assists are fourth in the NHL and second most in left field history, with 11 shy, the mark Jonathan Huberdeau established last season. However, Panarin went 5-5 and he only managed 48 points (13-35).

Rangers star Artemi Panarin struggled to make an impact in the playoffs.
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“I didn’t have any issues with him last year. Not at all. I like the way he plays,” Gallant said. “We spoke a little bit a couple of weeks ago and he said he wanted to be on the internet more and I said the same thing.

“I’m not going to take anything away from his game. He’s a talented player, plays great and makes great passes. I’m not going to tell him to play up-down. That’s why they brought him to New York.

“When he gets the puck, I want him to get creative. There’s no big secret in our system that everyone plays the same way. No, and I see it.

Panarine had a hard time making Impact on playoffs. He scored the overtime winner in Game 7 against the Penguins, but his numbers (his 6-10-16 in 20 games) look better than his game. He spent a lot of time around and had too many turnovers.

“I wasn’t as happy as I should have been. I wanted to do better.” “I played a little more unlucky, and the unfortunate mistake I made probably shouldn’t have happened.

“When I was losing the game, I had to take risks. I made various mistakes.

Igor Shesterkin didn’t use The summer saw the Vezina Trophy-winning 2021-22, with the goalkeeper going 36-13-4 with 2.07 goals against the average and a .935 save percentage. This makes him second only to Tim Thomas (.938 in 2010-11) and Dominic Hasek (.937 in 1998-99) among goaltenders who have played at least 50 games in NHL history. his third best.

Rather, the 26-year-old focused on fixing what he perceived as flaws in his game. When asked which areas he would like to improve, Shesterkin said, “Like I’ve said before, ‘You’ll see.

“I keep trying to get better. It’s only up to me.”

The Blueshirts entered the sixth game of the conference finals before an unexpected ride ended. Shesterkin’s goals for this season are simple.

“I have only one goal, to win the Stanley Cup,” Shestakin said. “We believe we can do it perfectly.”

Asked if one player has I was particularly impressed In a three-day scrimmages at camp, Gallant made the name Dryden Hunt. He works with Jimmy Vesey and Gustav Rydahl.

“I’m happy with all of them, but if there’s one guy who stands out a little bit, it’s Hantsy, to be honest. I think he was really good.”

The Rangers will play the first of six exhibition matches at the Gardens against the Islanders on Monday before heading to Boston for a game against the Bruins on Tuesday.

The Rangers have reduced their camp roster to 62 by sending Sam Alfano, Maxim Barbashev, Jayden Grabbe and Bryce McConnell-Barker to their respective junior teams.

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