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Rail strike suspends train services on Monday – VR will refund tickets purchased during strike

Finnish Railway Union (RAU) has announced that it will go on strike from Monday 20 March. This will affect all train services indefinitely. The train drivers’ strike is a response to ongoing collective bargaining negotiations that have yet to be resolved. As a result, the Finnish national railway company, VR, will cancel all long-distance and commuter trains for the duration of the strike. However, VR also revealed that it will issue refunds to passengers who purchased tickets during the strike.

Passengers who purchased tickets for the strike period will be automatically refunded, and VR also announced that there will be no charge for changing the date or time of the ticket to a later date. VR encourages passengers to use self-service channels to manage ticket changes as customer service can be busy.

The rail operator will remove trains from sale one day at a time, starting with trains running on Monday, March 19th. The company will adjust train operations according to the duration of the strike. VR will also issue refunds to his ticket holders for the season during the strike, and customers who have booked affected train services will be offered the opportunity to change their bookings without a fee.

However, those who purchased paper tickets without logging into the VR system will need to apply for a refund through the VR system. website.

VR expects delays in resuming services after the strike, but aims to return to its normal schedule as soon as possible.Nevertheless, passengers are advised to monitor the company website Up-to-date information on train operations.

In summary, the Finnish Railways Union strike will cause significant disruption to train services, but VR has promised refunds to passengers during the strike. Passengers are encouraged to use VR self-service channels to manage their tickets.


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