Rachel Leigh Cook on ‘Spirit Halloween’ – The first ever retail chain to be made into a movie

Rachel Lee Cook It’s part of cinema history.

Her new family-friendly horror release Spirit Halloween: The Movie, is the first film ever to be recruited from a retail chain. That title, yes, refers to the ubiquitous conglomerate that has virtually monopolized the Halloween costume market over the past decade or so.

“I think it’s unusual, I’ve never heard of Bass Pro Shops: The Moviethat would be strange,’ and amiable She’s All That When Josie and the Pussycats The 43-year-old alum told us in a recent virtual interview (see above), “I can’t think of any other good retailers that make good movies.

“Sorry. Please don’t hit anyone right now. But Claire’s: The Movie? do not know. “

Spirit Halloween lends itself to a horror plot in which three eighth grade friends sneak into a store and camp overnight.

“As a concept, the unlikely transition from retail to cinema is, yes, okay, a little unorthodox,” she says. It’s really just a fun story.It’s a coming-of-age story for those kids.It’s great that the store is a game to make it.”

Rachel Lee Cook Spirit Halloween: The Movie. (Photo: Strikeback Studio)

Cook, who plays the mom of one of the boys, is a mother of two in real life and says her kids were finally thrilled with her work when they found out about it. . spirit halloween.

The actress also hilariously explained the differences from film parenting actual Parenting.

“The thing I have to remember about being a movie mom is that movie moms are better than real-life moms,” she says. Tough words for a preteen, but he gives me attitude.

“I’m yelling at him, ‘Stop!’ This and that. And I’m using a real mom’s voice. And they very individually but creatively disconnected from what I was so angry about. Because movie moms don’t get so angry. Movie moms have to dial down a bit. So that’s a quick little lesson I learned. “

— Video produced by Kyle Moss and edited by Rasiel Guevara and Luis Saenz.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie is in select theaters now and will premiere on VOD in October. 11.

Watch the trailer:

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