Rachel Brosnahan became “ill” when filmed in his hometown of Highland Park

Grossnahan, who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, said in a statement that he felt “sick” in the tragic news.

“I grew up in Highland Park. This parade is a highlight of the year for many families.” “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Star I wrote in a tweet.. “I get hungry every time I get news like this, but I don’t want my stomach to have a hole to call my family and friends to see if everyone is okay. I have no words.”
She shared a link to Everytown for gun safety Subsequent tweets, “Sufficient, sufficient, sufficient, sufficient, sufficient, sufficient, sufficient, sufficient,” he wrote.

Richard Marx, a singer who also grew up in Highland Park, said he was “broken heart.”

“I am actively reaching out to check the welfare of those who are still there.” Marx wrote in a tweet.. “No matter where it happens, these constant shootings have always broken my heart, but today I am very sad and even more angry at the meaninglessness.”

Director and actor Ken Olin, who starred in the TV drama “Thirtysomething,” also tweeted about the tragedy.

“My hometown. I went to this parade every year as a little boy,” Olin said. Tweet.. “My heart is broken for all the children of our country who grow up for fear of celebrating with many happy people.”

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