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Quad countries sign Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief Guidelines – Times of India

New Delhi: 4 countries quad The group signed the Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief Guidelines at a meeting of foreign ministers held here on Friday. India welcomed the move as “very timely”.
Minister of Foreign Affairs S Jaishankar He said this was a “particularly timely meeting” as the world is going through very difficult times.
“We have spent several years at Quad.Given these turbulent times, we at Quad are committed to furthering the constructive agenda we have set for ourselves and working together to really deliver the public good.” is particularly important,” he said.
“In particular, what we signed today is very timely. And today, I think this is also an opportunity to discuss together how to strengthen the multilateral system,” he said.
U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken Said the meeting was proof that the quad is strong and going strong.
“Strengthen multilateral cooperation. Our nations are well aware that the critical challenges we face and the opportunities at hand require us to work together more than ever. I think.
“We cannot do what it takes to meet these challenges alone, and seize these opportunities,” he said.
QUAD GROUP COMPONENTS JapanIndia, Australia, AmericaIn 2017, the four nations took shape in a long-pending proposal to establish a “quad” or quadrupolar alliance to counter China’s aggressive actions in the Indo-Pacific.

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