QR Code During WWE SmackDown Leads To New White Rabbit Clue

The latest breadcrumb left by WWE is similar to what fans saw on last Monday’s episode of “Raw.” from the QR code Mysterious white rabbit and a hangman game featuring the clue “Who Killed the World?” answer? “You did it”

Alright, let’s put together the mystery of the white rabbit so far and make a blitzkrieg. During his week or so, Fans attending the WWE live event could hear the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” playing on the speakers, accompanied by a brooding red glow. This also happened between commercials for “Raw” and “SmackDown”. Includes Friday Night Episodes.

Many fans believe all this will lead to Bray Wyatt’s WWE return. Many believe that Wyatt will be revealed as the man behind the White Rabbit. teasing fans on social mediaTracing Wyatt’s career back to his days in Florida Championship Wrestling, he said he did indeed kill his father in the promotion. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Monday brings.

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