Q1 performance data shows mature VC fund vintage not doomed

may be difficult Tell me how venture capital firms are doing. Sometimes it gets easier after a big exit, like Figma last week, which has allowed us to make substantial returns available to some of our early backers, including Index Ventures and Greylock. But when it comes to performance, VC firms are usually an opaque bunch.

So when the market started to deteriorate in the first quarter, it was clear that we didn’t know what to expect. actually It struggled until data started trickling in from their limited partners (MPs).

People at the Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) Announce First Quarter Results data this week. We’re cracking down on the numbers and using their stakes as a potential indicator of how other funds of the same vintage (see the year they started deploying capital) are doing. I made it

The main thing to highlight if your company’s funds are nearing maturity is that last year’s skyrocketing valuations and exit prices have led many to believe that when the decline in technology stocks began to affect venture firms, It seems that it did not become the kiss of death as expected. First quarter. At least not yet.

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