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Pre-existing Medical Conditions? Market Health Insurance Covers You

published to August 18, 2016

Diabetes? Chronic disease? do not worry! With Marketplace health insurance, your plan covers all treatments.

I had it when I purchased the insurance.

you are protected

  • Now that you’re enrolled, your health plan can’t deny you coverage, raise rates, or deny payments Essential Health Benefitssimply because you have a chronic or pre-existing medical condition.
  • Also, women cannot charge more than men. If you were pregnant before applying, the plan cannot deny your application or charge you additional fees because of your pregnancy.


  • Treatment for pre-existing medical conditions such as disability, asthma, diabetes and cancer are covered from the date of coverage start. Pregnancy is covered from the insurance start date, even if you were pregnant before the insurance started.
  • Marketplace plans do not allow annual or lifetime limits on coverage.

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