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PostNL staff cancels Black Friday strike following court ruling on essential emails

PostNL employees no longer plan to go on strike on Friday, the union FNV said. According to the union, after a court in The Hague ruled that his PostNL employees could strike only if it did not prevent the company from carrying out certain essential postal services, the workers said they no longer understood the meaning of the strike.

The FNV trade union ruled in a court in The Hague on Monday that it could organize a strike at PostNL, provided that the delivery of funeral mail and medical supplies is not interrupted. This restriction will apply until his January 6th, when the postal service peak period ends.

“Union members don’t want to strike under such circumstances because the impact is too small,” said union official Mariska Exalto. Staff also don’t understand why those conditions are necessary, she added. .

After FNV announced it would go on strike on Friday as labor negotiations with PostNL broke down, the postal company said it wanted to make an agreement to prevent critical mail deliveries from being affected by the strike, and the summary court The judge first ordered the parties to renegotiate, but favored PostNL when that didn’t work. .

“Because of the conditions set, we can only attack with a small part of our staff, so the right to strike is very limited,” Exalto said after the strike. She questioned her PostNL claim that medical packages could not be distinguished from regular packages. “I feel like they’re using this as an excuse.”

A PostNL spokesperson, meanwhile, said the postal company had no intention of deterring the strike. ΅ We were only interested in the conditions under which this was possible. “

The conflict between FNV members and PostNL is revolving over a new collective bargaining agreement. FNV believed PostNL’s wage offer was too low and negotiations between the two broke down. The union’s he believes the CNV and BVPP still have an opportunity to continue negotiations.

The collective bargaining agreement in question covers approximately 19,000 employees. PostNL’s approximately 16,000 mailmen also have their own collective bargaining agreement.

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