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Portugal: Διαδέχειση χιλιάδων προστέρων στη Λισαβόνα – Μετούν είτες μισθών

Photo file: REUTERS/Pedro Nunez

Χιλιάδες προστέριοι και προμένειι συμπάλιοι, απ’ πολέτην την Portugal.

«Το κόστο διάβιος είναι αβάσταχτο» και «Ελληνικά απαραδεκτο να πόμπαναίνεις δύλεωνοντας», φόναζαν οι και προστάμενοιος που παράστος στην της περισσότερας.

From Τόρες Βνετρας, about 60 kilometers from Λισαβονα, Ινάσιο Κατέλα, 61, commented: “The situation is really difficult.” ΑρακέλΣίλβα, 42, an administrator of a hospital in central Portugal, explained: “We need a new boost in our jobs, careers and salaries.”


The exchange was an initiative of the General Workers Union (CGTP), demanding wage increases the day after a general strike in the public sector. The CGTP also calls for lowering the prices of basic commodities, stopping mortgages and mortgage increases, and taking steps to prevent unemployment.

In 2022, πληθωρισμός will reach 7.8%, the highest level in the last 30 years.

CGTP general secretary ΙζαμπέλΚαμαρίνια said in response to investors, “We will increase, but actually go beyond the population, to regain and strengthen the purchasing power of families.” “We will raise at least 10%, €100 or more, for all wage earners,” he added.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ, AFP

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