Popular Baltimore rapper Ronnie Dagoat shot dead at 24: ‘He loved to write music’

The hip-hop community is rocked by the passing of popular Maryland rapper Deron Bushrod Jr. — known by his stage name Lonnie DaGoat — was shot dead in Baltimore earlier this week. he was 24 years old.

The tragedy came to light Tuesday morning after police responded to reports of an unresponsive man at Block 2800 on Bookert Drive in Cherry Hill. The Baltimore Sun reported. When they arrived, Baltimore City medical officials had already declared the victim dead at the scene, after which his mother, Kia Fenner Bushrod, confirmed his identity to authorities.

Fenner Bushrod reportedly became concerned after her son, who called her every night, stopped answering her calls. CBS Baltimore reported. She then showed up at the scene with a picture of Bushrod Jr. after seeing a Facebook post about the dead body at Cherry Hill. It features his tattoos and is how police identified the murdered rapper.

“It was just an emptiness in my heart right now,” his mother said. I just want you to remember.”

“My family isn’t doing well right now. We’re not good,” said Kia Fenner-Bushrod, the mother of the murdered rapper. “That’s my only son.”
Facebook/Kia Fenner Bushrod

It’s still unclear when the aspiring hip-hopper was shot, but Bookert Drive residents reported hearing one shot the night before.

Authorities have not named the suspect in the murder and urged anyone with information about the killer to call police.

The identity and motive of Bushrod Jr.'s killer is still unknown.
The identity and motive of Bushrod Jr.’s killer is still unknown.
Instagram/Lonnie DaGoat

At the time of his death, LonnieDaGoat brag about youtube channel With over 1 million views and nearly 4,000 subscribers, it has a strong following among young fans. In one post, the rapper said he wanted to project a “positive image on young people.” He also frequently performed his own songs at schools in Baltimore. A lot of it references Cherry Hill.

Bushrod Jr.’s family remembers the late lyricist as ambitious, charismatic, and blessed with incredible musical talent.

“His talent? It was out of this world,” said Fenner Bushrod.

Bushrod Jr. was popular with Baltimore's youth and was frequently performed in the city's schools.
Bushrod Jr. was popular with Baltimore’s youth and was frequently performed in the city’s schools.
Facebook/Dron Bushrod

“My brother was destined for greatness,” explained the rapper’s heartbroken sister Deairra Bushrod, 22. “He loved writing music.”

Fenner-Bushrod announced on Facebook The family will host a Candlelight Vigil of ‘Lil Delon’ on Saturday, September 24th at 6:30pm. She urged mourners to bring “black and gold balloons and candles” to honor her son.

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