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Polite Society Review: Nida Manzua’s feature debut is an action-comedy that is both poignant and hilarious. Sundance 2023

Fans of the series We Are Lady Parts should stand up, as that show’s creators make their feature debut and are proving to be just as fun.

It’s always a rare treat when you can’t stop smiling during a screening, and it doesn’t always maintain the momentum it had when it started, but polite society There is no doubt that it is a movie that provides such an experience.Feature film debut from writer/director Nida Manzooralso created an excellent series We Are Lady Parts, is heartfelt, humorous, and has a lot of charm to spare. Focusing on two sisters Priya KansalaNoria and Ritu AriaI’m Lena. It will take you to each dream that has not yet come true.

My older sister Lena recently dropped out of art school and is struggling to get back into her creative work. Her younger sister Leah aspires to become a stunt performer, but she has trouble taking the first step. The duo find support in each other by filming videos of Leah uploading online in the hope that Lena will break into her industry. When they look at a life that may not make their dreams come true, they always put the other in their corner to overcome all obstacles. But this relationship is quickly put to the test by the most terrifying prospect: marriage.

Enter dashing Salim (Akshay Khanna), suddenly takes a deep interest in Lena and creates a whirlwind of dating with her.Indeed, his mother Laheera was played by scene plagiarism Nimura Bucha, seems pretty dominant and always hanging out, but Lena really seems to love Salim. Surprised by this turn of events that could result in the loss of her sister and fellow dreamer, Leah sets out to figure out how she can disrupt her impending wedding. She’s recruiting her friend Clara, so she’s not the only one to do so (Seraphina Beh) and Aruba (Ella Bruccolelli) to help her. Leah is convinced that something nefarious is happening to Salim and that only she can get to the bottom of it, so the three hatch a series of escalating plans. This stems from everyone else, including his own sister, not believing anything is wrong and is desperate to keep in touch with his close siblings. is very much about the silliness of the spectacle, yet still has a strong emotional throughline that ties it all together.

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With that in mind, the experience is defined by how you keep your head in the clouds even though your feet remain on the ground. Throws a sense of reality out the window. Everything becomes destructible as the camera dances around the dueling fighter, from when she got into a fight with the school bully to her own sister. The film is light on its feet and doesn’t take itself too seriously, even if the sequences can get quite brutal in a rather raucous sense. Even the series of repetitive moments in which Leah stares out the window skews the visual language of the thriller to great effect, thus giving it a comedy life of its own. is taking

At its heart is the performance of Kansala, who has already had a relatively short career. She can fully dive into silly slapstick moments just as she does more subtle emotional beats about trying to find her way in her world.Of course only her Not only that, but her cast members are all shining. Especially Leah’s friends, Bee and Bruccoli, are each wonderful. They bring the characters to life with their natural charisma. In many ways, the film loses some of its simpler, more effective exhilaration when it comes to its conclusion. There’s still a lot of fun as it throws everything into chaos, but none of the same cheekiness that crackled in the early chapters where the story splits. It comes from being unafraid to accept more and more a general sense of sincerity and sweetness.

When all the pieces come together, you become deeply interested in each of these characters.In all the ways the sisters challenge each other, their bond breaks free of the mold they were told they had to live. If they are caught up in the growing turmoil and have to contend with these conservative expectations that dictate how they should behave, they will do everything in their way. It’s fun to watch it completely shatter.The movie, much like the characters themselves, always gets back up after tripping and falling. It’s kind of an underdog story and five other movies at the same time. It packs in the cinematic awareness it draws from, ensuring that each new step it takes has a strong foundation underneath. , polite society It’s proven to be a winning action-comedy with great characters that leave you wanting more.

evaluation: B+

polite society Debuts at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. polite society Theatrical release on April 28th.

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