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Police beaten while responding to Zwarte Piet rally event sparks riots in Urk

About 100 young people were accused of causing a ruckus in Urk on Saturday night, and police intervened at the scene.Omroep Flevoland said a call for the so-called “Zwarte Piet container rally” took place on the social media platform Instagram. After being killed, they gathered in the area.

Many young people attended, some dressed as Zwarte Piet. A police spokesman said beer bottles and fiery fireworks were thrown at officers and investigators, and at least one of them was arrested.

Police arrived on the scene after reports from concerned residents. Several police units were dispatched to assess the situation. At that time, the air was still calm.

A spokesman said police initially tried to talk to the youths, but received no response.

But when officers were shot with heavy fireworks and beer bottles, 30 police officers from afar were deployed to take action.

Before midnight, the situation returned to control and calmed down. According to a spokesperson, the youths “moved away relatively peacefully” afterward.

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