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‘Pianoforte’ Review: The Charm of the World of Piano Competitions | Sundance 2023

When it comes to art, there’s making art and sometimes making art. perfect art. Anyone can learn to play the piano, but can you do it perfectly? pianoforte Dive deep into the pain and exhilaration that comes with perfecting a talent. This is not just a natural skill, it takes years and hours and hours of practice. The stage is the Chopin International Piano Competition. Characters: A group of ambitious and competitive concert-her pianists vying for the coveted #1 prize. Unlike other piano competitions, this is not just about money. As one of her contestants puts it, “Money doesn’t solve anything. It’s your name that solves it.” , launched the career of a famous virtuoso. But what you can’t see is the hearts and dreams shattered by the convention every five years.

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Even if you don’t know anything about pianists or the world of piano competitions, you can become a director. Yakub Pyotek can fully immerse you in a world of young players who have dedicated their lives to this one skill. As a pianist who competed in competitions as a child (nothing more prestigious than that), the feeling of nerves, the pressure and the exhaustion of endless hours of practice are all too familiar. But unlike me, this is more than just an extracurricular activity. These competitors practice for hours a day, are trained endlessly, and are tested and evaluated at every step. It’s not about the passion behind the music, it’s about achieving absolute peaks, though seeing them on stage pushes them to the forefront.

Marcin from Pianoforte
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If that sounds more traumatic than uplifting to you, you’re right. pianoforte Follow the group of contestants. Among them are Eva Geborgan, Marcin Mykovsky, Alexander Gadzieff, Hao Lao, Leonora Alemurini and Michel Candotti. Each competitor has their own way through the competition, some have developmental coaches, some are strict coaches, some are supportive parents, others are critical coaches. , the common thread that binds them is trying to survive the competition without being crushed by the weight…or the enormous pressure.

what piano forte The enchanting and evocative nature of Chopin’s music is perfectly balanced with the brutality and whimsy of the competition. These are the defining moments, there is no plan B and he is the only one who can truly come out on top. There are no breaks for these kids, with one contestant saying he wants to play Xbox, perhaps just briefly, before returning to a rigorous schedule of practices. leaves his one round of and immediately returns to practice for the next round. Even if you play perfectly without missing a single note, you can still make mistakes.

Hao of Pianoforte
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So why do these kids keep competing? Why do they keep practicing? pianoforte Dance around the answer to it. For some, it’s the thrill of competition. The rush of endorphins that occurs when you hear your name among the select few pushed to the next round suddenly makes all those hours worthwhile. there is. A roller coaster of fear, anxiety, joy and ambition keeps them going.

Piątek is good at digging inside these contestants’ minds. By the end of the documentary we know all the subjects. We sympathize with them, celebrate their victories, and are devastated by their defeats. One contestant was told by his coach to keep his smile on his face after facing a devastating defeat and to cry when he got home. Piątek doesn’t just focus on winners. To make this a complete story, we need to look to the overwhelming majority of children.

He layered his performances, immersing us completely in the music, and we couldn’t help but be moved by the music. A composer of the Romantic era, Chopin is known not only for his notoriously moving compositions, but also for the depth of skill required to perform his music. So when you hear a near-perfect performance of his music, you can not only feel the passion behind every bar of notes, but you can feel the passion the pianist has for the piece. It’s impossible to judge the contestants by the naked eye, and the difference in performance is like tearing your hair out.But pianoforte Take a look inside this privileged and punishing world. Find your inner heart and uncover both the highs and lows of this exclusive community.

evaluation: A-

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