Photo: Kathryn Dennis suffers from black eyes and bruises.

united nations current season Also southern charm, Kathryn Dennis It has mysteriously disappeared from several cast trips and events, leaving viewers wondering why.

In a brief scene just before a trip to St. Louis. shep rose Kathryn claimed he couldn’t make it because he was with the kids, and he offered no further explanation.

according to fit newsa source working in the production shared an image that supposedly gives context to Kathryn’s lack of airtime.

An insider claimed that Kathryn appeared for the shoot at one point with a swollen chin and black eyes. continued to work with

The insider claimed to have asked Kathryn what happened, and she replied that she was “not authorized” to talk about it. claimed.

Images provided to the outlet show Kathryn with a visible birthmark around and under her left eye.

The outlet said Kathryn didn’t want to deal with the images or the injuries, but she confirmed the photos were genuine and didn’t object to their release.

when network When she first noticed the injury, Kathryn was doing her own makeup before filming a scene with a male castmate and his significant other.

“It’s normal for Kathryn to put on her own make-up for daytime shoots, but for the shoot with this couple, she had an unusual amount of foundation to cover her eyes.” An insider said. “It was noticed by the production and her management.”

This started a meeting between Kathryn and the show’s producers. Sources said the meeting took place inside a car with the windows closed and doors closed.

“I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but Kathryn was in tears during and after the conversation,” the insider said.

A few days later, an insider indicated that NBC (Bravo’s owner) had conducted an investigation into whether they were “responsible” for the injuries.

Kathryn initially offered the outlet “no comment,” but ultimately said she “couldn’t speak” about the photo. He described the situation as “disappointing.”

The 31-year-old said Shep’s account of her absence on the trip was false.

“I didn’t have kids, and they knew it,” Kathryn said. “I was just cut off from filming for that period.”

According to Starr, the network’s treatment of her was unsettling.

“I wanted to,” she continued. “I wanted to go to Old Brass and St. Louis. Simon’s Island, but I wasn’t included in the production.”

southern charm season 8 It airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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