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Philips finds new ventilator problem

Philips has discovered a new problem with ventilators. The Medical Technology Group has notified his FDA in the United States and regulatory agencies in other countries of this.The announcement further magnifies Philips’ lingering problem of sound deadening foam coming loose. sleep apnea device When ventilator.

Lawsuits surrounding these devices have been going on for over a year. In some Philips devices, the insulation foam can collapse and cause health problems for the inhaled user. Philips is replacing his 5.5 million devices. Over 4 million of them have already been replaced.

A new issue concerns the Trilogy mask, for which Philips has already replaced the foam. The new foam can loosen and block the air intake. In that case, an alarm will sound.

A Philips spokesperson said the company now needs to replace about 170,000 Trilogy ventilators. The company is just getting started. Only 20,000 devices have been replaced, mainly in the United States and Japan. A spokesperson said Phillips received 10 reports of his defective devices. He also said Phillips never replaced equipment for the trilogy in Holland.

Traces of dirt have also been found in the modified devices. Preliminary research indicates that these contain broken particles of foam. The FDA has requested additional information from Philips to better understand the cause of the new defect. The company plans to provide an update on the scope of the problem and possible actions by the end of the month.

A spokesperson could not confirm whether the new issues will cost Philips additional costs. Problems with these devices had already cost the company hundreds of millions of euros. This is separate from legal costs such as claims from angry patients.

Investors are also unhappy with the status quo. In September, an interest group for private investors Responsibilities of VEB Hero Philips for losses incurred by shareholders. VEB estimates the damages from stock exchange losses at 16 billion euros.

Last month, Phillips write off €1.3 billion The business unit responsible for the device. The company hopes to settle with the U.S. judicial system, which significantly devalues ​​Respironics’ subsidiaries.

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