Paul Heyman tries to stay connected with young people

WWE Moves Away, Focuses On Signing Independent Talent For ‘NXT’ Recruiting Young College AthletesPaul Heyman, who serves as the on-screen special advisor to undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, attended a recent tryout to learn what he saw in new recruits and stay connected to today’s youth. We talked about what we are doing to

“Youth, enthusiasm, vision, desire, ambition, the unknown, the pursuit of dreams, and for an old man like me, it’s all around.Wrestle Runt.” “I’m in my fifties, so I learn from them.” …I’m not a crowd of 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 years old, so to listen to them in their own environment, around their peers in their own culture speak your vocabulary in , tell us what resonates with them. … When I speak on television, I have to speak not only to people my age, but also to people much younger than me. …I probably benefit a lot more than they do. “

WWE’s latest tryout took place this July during SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. NBA star Dwight Howard is one of many hopefuls who have tried. WWE star Big E, Bianca Blair, WWE Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations Triple H I was also on hand to give a look at the people who could be the next generation of WWE stars.

Please credit “WrestleRant” to Wrestling Inc. when quoting from this article. for transcription.

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