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Palestinians waving their flags high at the Qatar World Cup

Doha, Qatar – Doha’s large Palestinian community knew the world was watching Qatar. World CupIt is the world’s largest sporting event.

Bader, a Qatar-based Palestinian, told Al Jazeera on a festive night in Lusail, home to Qatar’s largest stadium.

Most Palestinians tried to show their presence not only with their flags, but also with their dress.

Bader was wearing a map of Palestine and a T-shirt that read “Free Palestine” and had a Palestinian. keffiyeh (scarf) and a flag around his neck.

Palestine is not in the World Cup so when people from all over the world come here to Qatar and see us dressed like this they come to us and ask where are we from I ask if

“We give them the opportunity to know the situation in our hometown, show them our culture and tell our history.

They know Israel, but they don’t know Palestine. There was no Israel until we occupied Palestine. ”

Men and women gathered in a circle nearby and cheered loudly as the music began to flow from the speakers. When the lyrics ran out, they began singing and dancing to a popular Palestinian song called Dami Falastini (My Blood Is Palestinian).

Vader says World Cup gave Palestinians a chance to explain to the world who they are [Hafsa Adil/Al Jazeera]

Bader explains that the song tells the story of Palestine.

“The lyrics are heartbreaking and sad, but we sing and dance to such songs, Celebrate our identity.

Bader, who could hardly hear any loud singing or cheering, pointed out several Moroccan, Tunisian, Egyptian and Qatari flags in the crowd.

“They are not Palestinian, but when they hear this song or find our flag, they are drawn to it because as Muslims they support our cause and feel our pain. ‘, he explained before joining the group.

Viva Palestine

Helping Palestinians goes beyond singing and dancing.

Social media posts show fans turning away from reporters when they realize they’re being interviewed by Israeli media. Others, on the other hand, are seizing the opportunity to shout “Long live Palestine!” to their mic.

first time, Direct flights between Tel Aviv and Doha Bringing fans to the World Cup despite the lack of official ties between Israel and Qatar.

“Spreading our identity at a time when the whole world is watching helps our cause.

Jaber also had a keffiyeh over his shoulder and a small Palestinian flag in his hand.

“It’s a unique feeling for Palestinians to be able to show our identity openly and with pride.”

Her son Safwan wore a large Palestinian flag around his neck. He held it over his head and said, “This is my cape. It makes me feel like Superman.”

Jaber grew up in a refugee camp in Jordan until he graduated from high school before immigrating to the United States.

“My grandparents moved to Jordan in 1948 after the Nakba War. [catastrophe]’ she said. 1948 deportation of Palestinians time of the founding of Israel.

Like millions of other Palestinian refugees, Jaber has never been to Palestine.

She looked around as she stood in the middle of Lusail Boulevard, the wide road that leads from Lusail Stadium to the center of town. It is pedestrian-only and decorated with the flags of the participating countries.

“Words cannot describe how I feel when I see my flag being raised by so many people who are not of Palestinian origin,” Javer said.

She held back a little, saying, “It’s like people all over the world are saying, ‘We love you, we know you, and we’re here for you.'” Told.

“Palestinians often find themselves fighting the most powerful forces in the world and fighting for their own cause.

But seeing this support makes us feel stronger. ”

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